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D for Detroit
Mission Statement

"D for Detroit" is a group dedicated to promoting healthy outcomes for pregnancies by encouraging optimal levels of vitamin d and omega 3 in addition to other nutritional statagies. "D for Detroit" will assist in enabling the availability of these nutrients to the at risk population in the Detroit Metro Area.


Our goal is to seek funding for the purchase and distribution of vitamin d and omega 3 working with local social and medical communities and government agencies.


We have learned that something as simple as a sufficient amount of vitamin D and omega 3 added to quality prenatal vitamins can have a significant impact on reducing infant mortality, maternal deaths, and low infant birth weight (which can lead to poor health and compromise intellectual development).

The circumstance requires a response that reflects the best of America’s values & the best protection for ensuring healthy babies and mothers in Detroit.

A nurturing vehicle has to be created to facilitate pregnant women in Detroit receiving regular sufficient supplements, personal support and encouragement. The program needs to successfully promote mothers’ success in protecting the best health for their babies (pre and post natal) and for themselves. There are a number of best practices which can be established and existing programs that can further these outcomes.

A recent report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation stated that Detroit leads the nation in risky births at close to 15%(Kids Count / Annie Casey Foundation / 8-8-08). We know that babies born in Detroit are sicker and arrive earlier. Smoking and substance abuse and an absence of prenatal care have been identified as causes. Recent studies now show that reducing vitamin d deficiency also plays an integral part in healthy births.

This, then, is the objective of "D for Detroit."

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